'मिशन ज्ञान' ने लिया है ठान,
देगा सबको ज्ञान!

‘Mission Gyan’ a not-for-profit organization is serving thousands of Indian Students to get education for free. Where we invest our hard work and dedication to embrace the purity of learning. We are the ChangeMakers and we need more ChangeMakers to join hands and contribute in any way to our ‘Mission Of Free Education Vision’.

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How could you help?

Share & Care

You can share your clothes, bags, books, stationery or any other useful material which can result in children's education.


Mission Gyan is open to all and wants more and more ChangeMakers who can teach, support, and be our volunteers on the field.


Monetary help for the welfare and growth of education in this Mission can be used flexibly as per the needs.


“We are from the society and for the society''. So you can advise us with more innovative and useful ideas.

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