CBSE Class 6 Social Science Syllabus for 2023-24

Go through the CBSE Class 6 Social Science Syllabus below.

UnitUnit NamesSections
1HistoryWhen, Where and How
The Earliest Societies
The First Farmers and Herders
The First Cities
Different Ways of Life
Early States
New Ideas
The First Empire
Life in towns and villages
Contacts with Distant lands
Political Developments
Culture and Science
2Social and Political LifeDiversity
Local Government
Making a Living
Four realms of the earth
CBSE Class 6 Social Science Chapter Names

Students can also have a look at the chapter names of the CBSE Class 6 Social Science NCERT textbook below.

CBSE Class 6 History Chapters

ChapterChapter Name
Chapter 1What, Where, How and When?
Chapter 2 From Hunting – Gathering to Growing Food
Chapter 3In the Earliest Cities
Chapter 4What Books and Burials Tell Us
Chapter 5Kingdoms, Kings and the Early Republic
Chapter 6New Questions and Ideas
Chapter 7From a Kingdom to an Empire
Chapter 8Villages, Towns and Trade
Chapter 9New Empires and Kingdoms
Chapter 10Buildings, Paintings and Books

CBSE Class 6 Social & Political Life Chapters

ChapterChapter Names
Chapter 1 Diversity
Chapter 2Diversity and Discrimination
Chapter 3 Government
Chapter 4 Local Government and Administration
Chapter 5 Rural Administration
Chapter 6 Urban Administration
Chapter 7 Rural Livelihoods
Chapter 8 Urban Livelihoods

CBSE Class 6 Geography Chapters – The Earth: Our Habitat

ChapterChapter Name
Chapter 1 The Earth in the Solar System
Chapter 2Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes
Chapter 3 Motions of the Earth
Chapter 4 Maps
Chapter 5 Major Domains of the Earth
Chapter 6 Our Country: India


the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Class 6th Social Science syllabus includes various topics that aim to provide students with a basic understanding of the social and economic aspects of the world.


Q.1. How can I effectively prepare for CBSE Class 6th Social Science exams?

A.1. To prepare for CBSE Class 6th Social Science exams, it is important to study the prescribed textbooks thoroughly, take notes, and understand the concepts. Practice solving sample papers, and previous years’ question papers, and attempt mock tests to enhance your preparation. Additionally, discussing topics with classmates and seeking clarification from teachers can also be helpful.

Q.2. What resources can I refer to for studying CBSE Class 6th Social Science subjects?

A.2. The CBSE-recommended textbooks for Social Science are the primary resource for studying the subjects. However, you can also refer to additional reference books, online study materials, and educational websites to supplement your understanding and knowledge.

Q.3. How is the CBSE Class 6th Social Science exam conducted?

A.3. The CBSE Class 6th Social Science exam is typically conducted by the respective schools following the guidelines provided by the CBSE board. The exam format may include multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and long-answer questions. The exact exam pattern and duration can vary, so it’s important to check with your school for specific details.

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