CBSE Business Studies Syllabus for Class 12 2023

Syllabus for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies: Candidates in the Commerce stream must comprehend the structure under which a firm functions. Because business is a dynamic process that combines technology, natural resources, and human initiative in a constantly changing global environment, CBSE provides a detailed study of a business organisation, business process management, and its interaction with the environment. Through the CBSE Business Studies curriculum in Class 12. CBSE has published the Business Studies curriculum on its academic website for the 2023-2024 academic session. The syllabus details the course structure, course material, assessment information, project information, and so forth.

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies 2023-24 Course Structure




Part A

Principles and Functions of Management



Nature and Significance of Management 



Principles of Management 


Business Environment













Part B

Business Finance and Marketing



Financial Management



Financial Markets


Marketing Management



Consumer Protection




Part C

Project Work (one)


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Part A: Principles and Functions of Management

Unit 1: Nature and Significance of Management

  • Concept Management
  • Concept, objectives, and importance
  • Management as Science, Art and Profession Levels of Management
  • Management functions-planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling Coordination- concept and importance.

Unit 2: Principles of Management

  • Principles of Management
  • Concept and significance
  • Fayol’s principles of management Taylor’s Scientific management- principles and techniques

Unit 3: Business Environment Concept Business Environment

  • Concept and importance
  • Dimensions of Business Environment Economic, Social, Technological, Political and Legal
  • Demonetization - concept and features

Unit 4: Planning

  • Concept
  • Concept, importance and limitation
  • Planning process Single use and standing plans.
  • Objectives, Strategy, Policy, Procedure, method Rule, budget and Programme

Unit 5: Organising

  • Concept
  • Concept and importance
  • Organising Process
  • Structure of organisation- functional and divisional concept.
  • Formal and informal organisation- concept
  • Delegation: concept, elements and importance
  • Decentralization: concept and importance

Unit 6: Staffing Staffing

  • Concept and importance of staffing
  • Staffing as a part of Human Resource Management
  • Concept Staffing process
  • Recruitment process Selection – process Training and Development
  • Concept and importance, Methods of training – on the job and off the job – vestibule training, apprenticeship training and internship training

Unit 7: Directing

  • Directing: Concept and importance
  • Elements of Directing Motivation – concept, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Financial and non-financial incentives
  • Leadership – concept, styles – authoritative, democratic and laissez faire
  • Communication – concept, formal and informal communication; barriers to effective communication, how to overcome the barriers?

Unit 8: Controlling

  • Controlling – Concept and importance
  • Relationship between planning and controlling
  • Steps in process of control

Part B: Business Finance and Marketing

Unit 9: Financial Management

  • Financial Management: Concept, role and objectives
  • Financial decisions: investment, financing and dividend
  • Meaning and factors affecting
  • Financial Planning – concept and importance
  • Capital Structure – concept and factors affecting capital structure
  • Fixed and Working Capital – Concept and factors affecting their requirements

Unit 10: Financial Markets

  • Financial Markets:
  • Concept Money market:
  • Concept Capital market and its types (primary and secondary)Stock Exchange – Functions and trading procedure Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) – objectives and functions

Unit 11: Marketing Marketing

  • Concept, functions and philosophies
  • Marketing Mix – Concept and elements Product – branding, labelling and packaging – ConceptPrice – Concept, Factors determining price
  • Physical Distribution – concept, components and channels of distribution
  • Promotion – Concept and elements; Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion and Public Relations

Unit 12: Consumer Protection Consumer Protection:

  • Concept and importance
  • Consumer Protection Act 2019:Meaning of consumer Rights and responsibilities of consumers Who can file a complaint?
  • Redressal machinery
  • Remedies available
  • Consumer awareness – Role of consumer organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)


Overall, CBSE Business Studies for class 12th is an important subject for students who are interested in pursuing a career in business, management, or entrepreneurship. It provides a strong foundation for further studies in these fields and helps students develop essential skills for success in the business world.


1.What is the course duration for CBSE Business Studies for class 12th?

The course duration for CBSE Business Studies for class 12th is one academic year, which is typically from April to March.

    2.What are the topics covered in CBSE Business Studies for class 12th?

    The CBSE Business Studies syllabus for class 12th includes topics such as principles of management, business finance, marketing, human resources, and more.

      3.How is CBSE Business Studies for class 12th assessed?

      CBSE Business Studies for class 12th is assessed through a written examination that includes both objective and subjective questions.

        4.What are the career options after studying CBSE Business Studies for class 12th?

        Students who study CBSE Business Studies for class 12th can pursue careers in business, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and more. They can also go for further studies in these fields.

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